Our clients benefit from a valuable and unique combination of service and skills.  Tatusko Kennedy attorneys have the invaluable expertise and breadth of experience gained from their years with large law firms.  Because Tatusko Kennedy is a boutique law firm, focused on commercial real estate transactions and corporate and business law, we are able to apply that expertise with the agility, responsiveness, and attention to client needs more common to smaller law firms.

Our experience in commercial real estate, corporate and financial transactions is vast.  Our attorneys have completed hundreds of transactions throughout the country and internationally. The transactions vary from deals in the hundreds of millions of dollars involving dozens of properties and multiple venture partners to smaller transactions representing individuals or small businesses seeking to buy, sell, lease, or finance property of all types.


As individuals, our attorneys have developed a wide range of skill sets that provide a real advantage when negotiating transactions. Our attorneys have extensive experience with multi-state transactions and negotiations; an in-depth understanding of construction, architectural and engineering issues; and a familiarity with litigation related to construction and real estate. This knowledge enables us to counsel our clients on all facets of a transaction, while successfully closing the deal.


Tatusko Kennedy, PC was founded on April 8, 2006 by Wayne G. Tatusko, previously the head of the real estate department at Watt, Tieder, Hoffar & Fitzgerald, LLP, a large construction and real estate law firm headquartered in Northern Virginia. The firm was initially known as Wayne G. Tatusko, PC.  William H. Kennedy Jr., an attorney with significant experience in international commercial law and commercial real estate transactions, joined the firm as Wayne’s partner. Brian S. Kelly, also previously of Watt, Tieder, joined Wayne and Bill in opening the firm’s doors.  Patty Lankenau, who worked with Wayne for several years at the commercial real estate boutique of Content, Tatusko & Patterson in Washington, D.C., joined the firm in September 2006.  On July 1, 2008, the firm’s name changed to Tatusko Kennedy, PC.